Electric Generator InstallationWhen the power cuts out, your backup generator kicks on. Stay in control during power outages with a generator that keeps your home or business running, whether the outage lasts two hours or two weeks.

We’re proud to install Generac generators, the nation’s #1 brand of home backup generators. Designed to turn on automatically during a power outage, these generators provide the ultimate ease of use, running on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. No need to worry about extension cords, either. The generator sits outside your home like an air conditioning unit, safely delivering power directly to your home’s electrical panel. The most cost-effective on the market, the generators we install offer the best value for excellent performance.

Our licensed electricians can provide your home or business with a safe, efficient installation of your generator. We’ll help you choose the perfect size generator, the appropriate fuel source and the right location for your generator and transfer switch. This is not a DIY project; to ensure your generator operates safely during the next emergency, it’s essential to have the job done by experienced professionals. We can take care of that. In addition, we provide maintenance and repairs so you can be sure you’re covered the next time the power shuts off.

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